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    Beijing Might Laser components, limited liability company has a leading high-pressure single-crystal furnace, dehydration furnace, crystal slicing machines, optical grinding machine, vacuum coating machines, spectrophotometers, etc. complete the research and production equipment, with a high-power laser material production, infrared optical design, optical precision machining, optical coating and testing analysis of equipment and technical force, with mass production of laser crystals used in infrared materials, high-power laser lens, F-θ scanning mirror, beam expander border, professional cutting mirror, mirror and efficient series production line, can provide to the users of high-quality laser optics.

     Companies adhere to "strive to achieve excellence, tailor-made," the purpose for customer's different levels of needs, to develop the most reasonable and optical solutions. We do our best users to provide first-class products and technical services at the same time, and sincerely hope that with the vast number of users and technology experts and scholars to conduct extensive cooperation and exchange each other's needs, strengths complement each other to create a better future.

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